The Studio of Dave Channon - Welded Steel Sculpture

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“Mr. Toad” welomes you to Woodstock Art Exchange for the World Premiere of "Big Mermaid" 12/4 & 5

"Detroitus the Discus Hurler" was a hit at Phoenicia festival of the Voice 2021



Statue of Liberty and Justice for Earth $5000

Thinker $3000

Rosebud $7000


Sweet Chariot $4000


Warrior $5000

Veloci Rapture (sold)

Flaneur $3500

Esopus Creek Monster $1500

Skier $2500

Dunking Bird  $2000

Bird of Education $500

Steampunk Dragster $2000


Chimpanzeeni the Great $1000 


Popeye $1500

Thunderhoof" $2500


La Lune  (sold)

La Lune (detail)

Grandfather Clock $1000

Doomsday Clock $1000

Athena Calico (sold)

49A Sculpture Park


Tree Hugger (sold)

49A Sculpture Park

Horseless Headless Horseman $1500

No Fracking $500

Kingston Biennial 2011

Diana Lenape $2500

Ironing Bird (sold)

The following 6 sculptures were among those exhibited at the Rockefeller Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture in Pocantico Hills, NY.

Yardgardian $1000

Super Yardgardian $1500

Heron (sold)

Liberty Bulldog $1000

Fidosaurus $1000

Charioteer (sold)




Lightningbolt $2500

Hiker $1500

Red $500


Rail Trail 2  $2000

I See BM  $1000


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