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Greetings from New Hampshire! New exhibitions in Meredith and Franconia

"Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free"

This Statue of Liberty and Justice is a reminder of an earlier time in American history when wave after wave of immigrants came to our shores, faced hardships, struggled, and ultimately helped build our country. She may be a bit weather-beaten here in this Scrapture by Dave Channon, but her torch still glows with the fire of Truth, Justice and the American way. She's made of truck and auto parts, ancient logging equipment, a forest firefighter water tank backpack, and a tangle of barbed wire for her crown, like a crown of thorns. Her torch was once on a funeral parlor lamp pole, her face is a bent-up watering can. Some people say she resembles Elvis Presley! The dainty feet came from a dump truck, and barrel hoops make her robes.

The inscription above is from a longer poem by Emma Lazarus. She ges on: "A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame is imprisoned lightning, and her name Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand Glows world-wide welcome..."

"Statue of Liberty and Justice" by Dave Channon

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"Chimpanzeeni the Great" is a tightrope unicycle artist who worked the European circus circuit. He quit because they had no worker's comp. Circ du Soleil hired him with benefits and now he's chillin' in Meredith on summer vacation from a hot six month gig in Vegas.

His long eroded arms are about 200 years old, from a dam that used to be on top of the Catskill's Kaaterskill Falls. His mouth is a hot sandwich squisher. His little feet are oar locks. His big hands are horseshoes. The eye sockets are socket tools. The eyeballs are marbles. Isn't he marbellous? What the heck is his head made out of?


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was inspired by a real gorilla named KoKo that learned to talk.

Don't believe me? Google it!

CoCo's got '34 Ford running boards for forearms and pitchforks for knuckles. He will make goo-goo eyes at you with his knobby marble peepers. Shake his shovel shoulders and he'll bang his chest Tarzan-style. By the way, how does he stand up like that on his hind feet without falling over? For one banana he will tell you.

You can own this sculpture   $3,500   Contact

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The largest collection of Dave Channon Scraptures in the world!

First International Sculpture Day - Saturday, April 27 and 28 all day

Pleasure yourself with Scrapture - scrap metal sculptures that deliver rapture. Popeye is having a fling with Mermaid. Napoleon is complex. Will gorgeous Galatea kiss Mr. Toad the 8 foot fly gobbler? Will Detroitus the discus hurler ever ride Chariot Zero G? a dozen more uncanny creations - with animated attitude, personality and anatomically incorrect engineering. Many call it Delight Manufacturing. I call it Scrapture.

Unwind behind a tiny frog pond, a Yurt and many berry bushes. Relax while vegetables grow nearby. Let Dave's Scraptures weather the withering ravages of time instead of you. Some of those corroded implements are over 200 years old! They ignore gravity, use deceptive means of support, and appear dynamically imbalanced. They are funny. They are ready when you are. They can be had. Check out Dave's anarchic welding studio and five more locations near Phoenicia. You can always call (845) 688-2977 or email and drop by for a visit.

Directions to Dave Channon Scrapture Studio:
247 Broadstreet Hollow Road, off Rt. 28, 3 miles west of Phoenicia

See more Dave Channon Scraptures at:
Shandaken Inn - 1 Golf Course Road (off Rt. 28 near Big Indian)
Mt Tremper Art Park on Rt. 28 at Rail Explorers (just west of Emerson Resort and Spa)
Phoenicia and Tannersville Wellness Pharmacies
Along road frontage of 352 Rt. 49A (past Belleayre Ski Mtn.)
Woodstock Art Exchange 1396 Rt. 28.


Coco the gorilla at Leonia NJ Artwalk! Watch the Video!



Shandaken's Art Park:

"Art Info Depot" at Mt. Tremper Train Station

Rt. 28, West of Emerson

and East of Phoenicia Diner

Hosted by Rail Explorers

Sculptures by Naomi Teppich, Suprina Kenney, Joe Chirchirillo, Susan Buroker, James Meyer, Herrat Sommerhoff and Dave Channon.

Call For Art


Pet Lovers! Send me a photo of your beloved companion and I will paint a lifelike portrait in oil on canvas for $500. Here are a few samples!






"Statue of Liberty and Justice for Earth" at the Catskill Interpretive Center in Mt. Tremper
"Grandfather Time" at The Farm Project in Garrison NY (outside Beacon) Collaborative Concepts


"Lightningbolt" at N. Bennington Vt.

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Fine archival prints on canvas - paintings by Dave Channon

Affordably priced, custom printed in a range of sizes. Streched, framed, or unframed as low as $100 including shipping. Select from any image on this website or contact Dave for a wider choice of images.

Luna Moth

Lucky Cloverleaf


Love Bug

Lantern Bug

Gypsy Moth Caterpillar

Asian Longhorn Beetle

Emerald Ash Borer

Gee Dad

Up to 20"x32" $100 - 32"x46" $200 - 46"x68" $300 Ask for free quote on custom sizes.

Mrs. Ladybug" by Dave Channon oil on Canvas