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Coming soon: Major Scrapture retrospective at the luxurious Shandaken Inn

GALATEA World premiere in Phoenicia Festival of the Arts at Wellness Rx


     GALATEA   Is a scrapture by Dave Channon. In Ovid’s Metamorphosis, PYGMALION was a sculptor who created a statue of a woman so perfect that he fell in love with it, called it Galatea and dressed it in sensuous clothes. (Today it might be called Barbie.) But Galatea was hard and cold as stone. Obsessed and tormented with passion, he appealed to Venus to change Galatea into a real woman. Venus had sympathy and did. Pygmalion named Galatea after an ancient Greek forest nymph Naiad who presided over brooks, springs, fountains, swamps and bogs. Think freshwater Mermaid with legs and super powers. Cyclops loved her but she loved another. Cyclops crushed her other lover with a boulder.
     If you love Galatea let me know! If you must have her, you can for $10,000 including delivery & installation. No Cyclops boulders.     (845) 688-2977

"ARTemis" Unveiled at Bennington Vermont Art Museum

The Greek Goddess: Daughter of Zeus, hunter, wrathful virgin, midwife, twin sister of Apollo

Leaping with her faithful dog.

"Discus Hurler" was at Lake Winnepesaukee in Meredith New Hampshire.

On display now at Mt. Tremper Train Station next to Emerson Resort on Rt 28.


Warrior is nestled in the village shops


Discus Hurler Is $10,000  Warrior is $6,000  ARTemis i $10,000 CLICK HERE

Scraptures by Dave Channon at Woodstock Art Exchange 1396 Rt. 28

Watch the virtual walking tour video of 17 Scraptures. Reserve your tour now! CLICK HERE




Coco the gorilla at Leonia NJ Artwalk! Watch the Video!



Shandaken's Art Park:

"Art Info Depot" at Mt. Tremper Train Station

Rt. 28, West of Emerson

and East of Phoenicia Diner

Hosted by Rail Explorers

Sculptures by Naomi Teppich, Suprina Kenney, Joe Chirchirillo, Susan Buroker, James Meyer, Herrat Sommerhoff and Dave Channon.

Call For Art


Pet Lovers! Send me a photo of your beloved companion and I will paint a lifelike portrait in oil on canvas for $500. Here are a few samples!






"Statue of Liberty and Justice for Earth" at the Catskill Interpretive Center in Mt. Tremper
"Grandfather Time" at The Farm Project in Garrison NY (outside Beacon) Collaborative Concepts


"Lightningbolt" at N. Bennington Vt.

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Fine archival prints on canvas - paintings by Dave Channon

Affordably priced, custom printed in a range of sizes. Streched, framed, or unframed as low as $100 including shipping. Select from any image on this website or contact Dave for a wider choice of images.

Luna Moth

Lucky Cloverleaf


Love Bug

Lantern Bug

Gypsy Moth Caterpillar

Asian Longhorn Beetle

Emerald Ash Borer

Gee Dad

Up to 20"x32" $100 - 32"x46" $200 - 46"x68" $300 Ask for free quote on custom sizes.

Mrs. Ladybug" by Dave Channon oil on Canvas