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"Golfzilla" and "Esopus Creek Monster" Featured in new HBO Movie "Pretty Little Liars"! Look for it!



Scrapsody in Green” - The World Premiere of “Big Mermaid” 12/4 & 5

“Mr. Toad” welomes you to Woodstock Art Exchange for the World Premiere of "Big Mermaid" 12/4 & 5

     “Scrapsody in Green” - The World Premiere of “Big Mermaid”, "Mr. Toad" and many more Scraptures by Dave Channon. At The Woodstock Art Exchange 1396 Route 28 on Saturday and Sunday, December 4th and 5th, from 1-5PM, with a free revolving guided tour by the artist. One lucky visitor will win a Channon scrapture. An array of giftable art will also be on display in the WAE Gallery annual holiday show. “Scrapsody in Green” is an outdoor exhibition 24/7 365 so you can visit any day, anytime. Contact Dave Channon to meet you in person for a guided tour. or phone (845) 688-2977.

“Scrapsody in Green”
      What does “green” mean? Verdant, juvenile, pullulating, pubescent, unripe… Or recycled, sustainable, solar, and wind? All of the above!
      Emerald, spring, grass. The human eye is far more sensitive to green than any other color. We used to live surrounded by green and the lucky among us still do. The ability to distinguish between infinite shades of green was once necessary to our ancestors’ survival in a green jungle. Today “going green” is crucial to our survival as a species. And the survival of every other species on the planet.
      The Woodstock Art Exchange will celebrate the verdancy of greenness on December4th and 5th with the world premiere of Dave Channon’s scraptures, “Big Mermaid”, “Mr. Toad”, and “Ms. Liberty”, with a revolving guided tour by the artist, amidst a holiday cornucopia of fine giftable art of every color (including green).
      Dave Channon’s scraptures of recycled steel have a Frankensteinian tint: bolted and welded from spare parts like the grey-green monster. The 10 foot “Mr. Toad” is chartreuse bronze, jumping, wobbling, belly gobbling, tongue darting, to snatch a fly from thin air. Following close on the tail of Dave Channon’s wriggling tadpole imagination, we have the “Big Mermaid”. She leaps trout-like from the green grass ocean to embrace the sky, jade scales shining, her torqued torso in extremis like the pain suffered by Hans Christian Andersen’s Little Mermaid while transitioning into a two legged beauty. (Little known factoid: unlike the Disney version, the original Little Mermaid gained her immortal soul in the form of a cooling breeze that cured the plague. If only Channon’s Big Mermaid could do the same!) Channon’s “Ms. Liberty” wears a new turquoise-copper patina, while balancing a lopsided scale of justice in her arms. Verdigris! You may wonder how the energy intensive art of welding steel can be truly green? Channon’s arc welder is powered by renewable wind, solar and non-fossil fueled electricity!
      The Woodstock Art Exchange Gallery annual holiday sale features glass master Pablo Weinschenk, a host of glass artists, and many treasures in other media. And Dave Channon’s new scraptures will look great on the green green grass of your home. At The Woodstock Art Exchange on Saturday and Sunday, December 4th and 5th, from 1-5 PM, with a revolving guided tour by the artist. One lucky visitor will win an adorable “Porcupine” scrapture! Don’t go green with envy – Come to the premiere and you might get as lucky as a green four leaf clover.

Woodstock Art Exchange 1396 State Route 28- Contact: (646) 256-9688 or (845) 688-2977 Email: or and visit or

"Detroitus the Discus Hurler" was a hit at Phoenicia festival of the Voice 2021

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Scraptures by Dave Channon at Woodstock Art Exchange 1396 Rt. 28

Watch the virtual walking tour video of 17 Scraptures. Dave will host another tour on Labor Day weekend from 1-7pm. Reserve your tour now! CLICK HERE


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"Art Info Depot" at Mt. Tremper Train Station

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Sculptures by Naomi Teppich, Suprina Kenney, Joe Chirchirillo, Susan Buroker, James Meyer, Herrat Sommerhoff and Dave Channon.

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Pet Lovers! Send me a photo of your beloved companion and I will paint a lifelike portrait in oil on canvas for $500. Here are a few samples!






"Statue of Liberty and Justice for Earth" at the Catskill Interpretive Center in Mt. Tremper
"Grandfather Time" at The Farm Project in Garrison NY (outside Beacon) Collaborative Concepts


"Lightningbolt" at N. Bennington Vt.

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Fine archival prints on canvas - paintings by Dave Channon

Affordably priced, custom printed in a range of sizes. Streched, framed, or unframed as low as $100 including shipping. Select from any image on this website or contact Dave for a wider choice of images.

Luna Moth

Lucky Cloverleaf


Love Bug

Lantern Bug

Gypsy Moth Caterpillar

Asian Longhorn Beetle

Emerald Ash Borer

Gee Dad

Up to 20"x32" $100 - 32"x46" $200 - 46"x68" $300 Ask for free quote on custom sizes.

Mrs. Ladybug" by Dave Channon oil on Canvas